miércoles, 30 de enero de 2013

Real Boyfriends

It's hard to pay attention in class when you are in love with someone like my boyfriend. My boyfriend is such a cute boy, that every girl he talk to want to date him but I've got to say it, sorry girls cause he's mine :)
He is really handsome and is the kind of boy who does skate, gives you his jumper or a hug when you are cold, who would kill a boy if he says something to you, who when you met his friends said: "hey dudes, she is my girlfriend" and smiled with his big smile; really, he's always smiling, telling jokes and making you laugh for no reason. When he tells you "good morning my princess" makes your world trembles and appears a smile on your face that lasts for hours.
Unfortunately, this boyfriend is just in my mind, cause this kind of boy doesn't exist in real life, just in girls' minds or in films.
So please girls, stop believing you are going to find a boy like those ones cause those boys are only in our minds.
We just need to get used to understand the boys we have, this kind of boy that does skate, but is not going to let you go with him. this boy that when you are cold is not going to give you his jumper neither a hug cause he's cold too and the person who matters more is him. this guy, when a boy talk to his girlfriend, gets angry with her and goes out with other girls. Well, of course they are always smiling and telling jokes, but sometimes these jokes are for teasing you and often make you cry instead of laugh. He makes you laugh, but is more like a sarcastic laugh than a true laugh. When you meet his friends he only says: "well, she is one of my friends.." or he doesn't say anything and just let you introduce yourself the way it seems more appropriate to you.
He is not going to hug you or kiss you in front of people and he's not going to tell you 'good morning my little princess' luckily he's going to say good morning...
Well, these are the boys we have, so please start loving them as they are and don't try to change them.

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